When to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Off or Online Business

When to Hire a virtual assistantThere really isn’t a right answer as to when it is “most” beneficial for an off or online business to hire a Virtual Assistant because each business and it’s projects are different.

However, as business owners you likely understand the importance of planning ahead, setting up short and long-term goals, while fitting pieces into place along the way of launching new ideas and products to bring in quantitive results. Right?

This means for you as a business owner, whether you’re a physical location based store front with a website or purely online with all your products and services, a virtual assistant can be a key factor which allows you to focus on only the tasks you can accomplish in your business.

Let’s look at an example:

If my client is writing a book, but they have social media to post, emails to contend with, research demands to find the best publisher or details about how to publish successfully, marketing tactics for product launch to strategize and a continual list of to dos- they will never get to sit down and write  a book that has all their time and attention to focus on developing amazing content for their audience.

So, planning ahead with a virtual assistant can mean they draft and format blogs, schedule social media about an awesome new product launch and existing content you have created, researching specific details, managing email inquiries and all those little things that take up time, which don’t require the author to set in motion.

I promise you absolutely don’t want to wait until you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed! You need to get a plan in action with someone who will support your off or online business before you let projects linger around your desk or in your project management system. If this happens you will only add unnecessary stress in your life and potentially hurt your business. Not preparing or getting your project well-organized or complete can lead to a poor business reputation. It shows a lack of control over your business and may frighten others away from trusting your brand.

I want you to think about your next big project. It can be a product launch, setting up a website, or traveling to speak at different summits and conferences. Now think about what specific tasks don’t require you- projects that happen repeatedly or have a system like blogging, social media, website edits, email management. Now imagine if you could have someone help you complete those tasks to allow you to focus on your →BIG PROJECT← the one only you can work on, and imagine how all stress and overwhelm will be eliminated after a couple weeks of training the right person.

It’s your turn: Have you waited until it was too late when your growing business took a plunge from your unreadiness? Share your experience on how you salvaged your business with an online service provider like a VA or OBM!


Think you might need to look into hiring a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager? Take a look at Olivia O’Hara Solutions to find a solution you need to keep you sane and your business moving along.



When to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Off or Online Business

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