Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

I wanted to take a few moments and actually connect with you on a more personal level and tell a little bit on why I started this blog and my goals for Olivia O’Hara Solutions’ Blog.

I had started my business back in 2012, and have been recently under-going some new business changes- branding, name change, marketing, blogging and service options. And while the website is still not fully ready, I have been plugging away with a new business system to gain more following and recognition, but to also grow myself in new areas by learning new strategies and systems that work for me.

As I’ve grown these last several months with my previous business Virtual Administrative Assisting, I still wanted to change how every thing was run to better serve my existing clients and be ready to take on more of my ideal clients.

However, I am here to grow with you and provide my knowledge and services to help grow your online business, while creating lifestyle freedom to enjoy your life and the business. I believe by educating you about online business “secret ingredients” and providing helpful services, tips and advice you will be able to grow your audience, leads & sales, feel less intimidated about “how to run things” and minimize or eliminate overwhelm.

I started this Blogging Challenge to grow myself mostly, but to also learn more about connecting with fans by creating relatable, reliable blogging content.

Check it out here: http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/blogchallenge/blog-challenge-day1

Tell me: why did you start your blog?

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

6 thoughts on “Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

  1. Hey Olivia! That’s awesome you’ve decided to connect more personally through a blogging. I look forward to learning more about your services as you post more.

    Since we’re both online business people, why not stay connected!?
    I just ‘liked’ and ‘followed’ your blog, please do the same for me =]

    Feel free to come over to my blog and check it out =]

    Best Wishes!


    1. Absolutely! I’d love to have a look at your blog. Blogging I think is going to be a great new step for my online business. It’s not really something I’ve committed to very well, but thoroughly enjoy when I find the time, so I will definitely be making more time to focus on that area of my business :) How do you feel about your own personal blogging? Is it a challenge?

      1. I totally agree with you :) I feel it can be a challenge sometimes to remain consistent… but the more you stay at it the more results you tend to see from it… personally I love video marketing, so alot of times what i do is I’ll shoot a video, embed it into the blog post and use that as content to write around … I love blogging! its a great way to be YOU and share value with your audience.

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