Start a Business During Your Travels = Unlimited Potential

Should you start a business while you travel?

It’s day 3 of Natalie Sisson’s Blogging Challenge and this is the question to discuss with you today.

Before I became on entrepreneur, I would have said “no way!” Though as you may or may not be very aware the internet really is a powerful resource for business– off and online. And this is exactly how you can conspire, launch and run a successful business while your traveling.

Travel allows us to feel freedom outside our day to day restricted lives. We can become stuck in a rut, lose our spark , creativity and drive if we don’t experience something new every once in a while. You don’t have to travel to New York City or Italy to let your mind feel and escape from your limited state of mind. It may be a hike 30 miles from home where you can see the beauty of nature and escape from technology or walk downtown at your local arts district. Anything that is random for you can work.

Travel for Creativity

I mean isn’t this a great spot to relax and think about your potential in life?

If you are actually traveling at a location miles from home, your potential and creativity can be discovered and cultivated with online tools and resources just as if you were home. There’s so much you can find on the internet for your business to be set up for success.

Don’t limit yourself to only creating an online business while traveling. (tweet this

You may an idea for a product based business that you can’t fit in your suitcase like some can. However, the idea, business plan and set up of your business can be discovered while traveling and implemented at full capacity once you return home.

So, having a location independent business for me is being able to live a lifestyle I want on my terms with the internet alone- this is my ultimate definition for freedom in business and adventure in life.


I’d love to hear about a business you started while traveling, so share the details of how you cultivated it’s success from your vacation spot and where you were!

Start a Business During Your Travels = Unlimited Potential

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