Olivia’s Perfect Day in a Small Town

Woohoo, it’s day 5 of the Blogging Challenge with Natalie Sisson and another exciting question for me to write about and share with you.

Natalie asks, “What is your perfect day like?”

Well for me, it all starts with a good night sleep! When you have two little ones under 3 you don’t always get a full 6-8 hours of sleep- without noisy little feet coming to wake you or cries from a fussy baby wanting his bottle. So peaceful sleep is essential along with happy, pleasant attitudes to last all day :)

Awaking in the arms of my Marine always makes for a nice morning of reflection on how blessed we are to still be married, have healthy babies, make each other laugh and work from home to allow more quality time as a family.

It would be a great day to start the morning on the beach again- like our time in Florida a couple years ago, but for now the country side of Missouri is also quite beautiful in its own way- I guess because it’s where home has always been for me. A nice cup of Joe on the front porch watching the kids play in the crisp morning air, while watching my husband take off on his morning jog. Yes, it’s picture perfect to me…

And no matter how you look at it, work will always be waiting in some form or fashion to tag along throughout the day. Whether its working for clients, myself or taking care of the family- it’s a happy thing for me to be doing- I truly enjoy it all. I look forward to adding jewelry designing back into the mix one day.

E30 day challengending the day with a movie with the kids and a nice Pizza (which is my daughters favorite right now) or a good book, an evening at the park, or an evening run in the sunset for me would be most acceptable in my perfect day.

Now, for sweet dreaming of a happy tomorrow…

Thanks for reading…have a beautiful day!

Olivia’s Perfect Day in a Small Town

4 thoughts on “Olivia’s Perfect Day in a Small Town

  1. Sounds like a great day! It’s amazing to read these and see that there are so many people who’s perfect day begins with a beach and coffee.
    I hope that by the end of this challenge you are one step closer to making every day your perfect day!
    P.S. Don’t you love all the questions we’ve answered so far? Makes for great blog content : )

    1. I know! Love it…absolutely, this is a great way for someone to get content for the blogging/connecting aspect of business, as a well as a following. I just OFFICIALLY relaunched myself today, so this challenge is going to be put to good use for building it up. One of the great things I love about it so far is that we are connecting on the most real and personal level while holding onto professionalism. Have a great day/night, Kristin!

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