30 Day Mission [Day #6 Blog Challenge]

Can you believe summer’s almost over and the holidays are just around the corner? I don’t know about you, but I’m a little behind with my 2013 business plan. I had set up a goal to already have my new website launched, but just introduced it into the world wide web yesterday. It’s a really exciting milestone for Olivia O’Hara Solutions, even if I’m off schedule.

Though, I still have some pieces to put in place and goals to reach, before I close this chapter of launching my business. With the hope of writing these out and sharing them with you, within 30 days my top 3 goals  to complete are:

#1. Finish my Virtual Assistant Resources.

I have been working on many different resources for VA’s to use to when they start out. This includes whether they fit into the VA industry, how to position themselves before launching, checklists to cover basics, which tools they can utilize, tips on how to best interact with clients and much more. But, this has been a struggle for me to complete with minor details, waiting for the website to be up and time to really focus on editing the content. I also have client resources to complete, but that is still in the early stages.

#2. Automate more of my business.

Most of this is in place, since launching my website. However, I have more that can be done like the VA resource and some of it I am still strategizing on. So my goal is to decide what specifically I need/want to automate and get the systems set up to alleviate stress and free up more time.

#3.  Grow my fan base.

I have been wanting to also do this, but have again been waiting on the website! Here my goal is to increase fans on Facebook, this Blog and Twitter, so I can cultivate writing content and eventually guest blog.

This blog about setting goals to reach within 30 days was inspired by the Blogging Challenge Day 6, which Natalie, The Suitcase Entrepreneur has created to complement her new book release. Join this challenge and connect with us all across the world.

30 Day Mission [Day #6 Blog Challenge]

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