How to Maintain Focus for My Ideal Lifestyle

maintain your focus

Note to self: Use Asana everyday

In order for me to maintain focus on achieving my perfect, ideal day, I need to dedicate myself more to my project

management system- Asana.

I keep tasks in there but I feel so busy

or tired at the end of the work day that I just can’t keep up with making decisions for my own business, inserting projects and actually working on the projects because I provide the exact same services to my clients everyday.

I think this means is that I will soon be hiring my personal VA to help me out!

Lately, I have been working on my business more- utilizing Asana, but still see room for improvement. So, I will plan to start my day each morning reviewing my business, what one thing I could do each day to move closer to my ideal lifestyle.

It’s a simple and effective solution!

What are you going to do to reach your ideal lifestyle? Maybe it’s implementing a exercise routine into your day or writing a journal…tell me in the comments below.

30 day challenge

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How to Maintain Focus for My Ideal Lifestyle

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