3 Online Tools for an Entrepreneur

3 Online Tools for an EntrepreneurThere are so many wonderful online tools for an entrepreneur, it’s very hard to decide on just 3. So far, I’ve only managed to narrow down and write about my 12 top recommended tools, so let’s see here…

1. Asana.

Asana is a project management system, which you can, in most cases, add all your online team to- up to 29 free members. It has a very easy to navigate structure, which I think it makes it easy for anyone who has concerns about their ability to efficiently navigate online systems. I like that I can access everything in one view and not open several areas of the system before I get to the info I need.


2. Hootsuite.

This is a pretty sweet tool as well. Hootsuite allows you to schedule all your social media posts at one time.  You can schedule out a week, a month, or even couple months. It is nice to use for travel and for a general work week,so you can focus on more important, billable tasks. Social  media will allow  businesses to make money, if they plan it out and schedule. No more worrying when the next post will go out! Get 5 profiles on a free account, measure analytics, and view all your profiles from one dashboard. So go ahead, try out Hootsuite and sit back, relax or work like crazy on what you’ve been held back from- whichever you prefer.

3. Freshbooks

If you have an off or online business, then you certainly have the ability to utilize this tool. Get paid for products and services using this cloud invoicing solution. On a free account you can have up to 3 clients and upgrade to a 20.00 account for up to 20 or 25 clients. Track time and expenses, send estimates, list items you sell for easy data entry on invoices, get reports to manage your growth and more…Try out Freshbooks for your business.

The list does not end here for me. Check out more of my recommended tools over here or click the image below.

12 Top Recommended Tools for Online Business

3 Online Tools for an Entrepreneur

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