Build a Platform of Influence By Being Yourself & Helpful

Be Yourself to Influence the Right Audience

It’s Day #19 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge or rather I am just now getting to Day #19 and Natalie asks, “Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?”

InfluenceBuilding a platform and creating meaningful influence is definitely something that takes time. I believe this blog is where it all starts and I will grow with my audience and like minded entrepreneurs as a leading learner. This seems to fit me perfectly. A leading learner as Natalie states is basically someone who users their experiences in growing themselves in life to help others grow.

Creating my own platform with innovative apps, systems and such don’t sound like me. I love to have hands on experience with everything new. It’s my learning style and love helping others by showing them what I have figured out. Being true to myself will be a prominent key in attracting an audience that accepts me for who I am, which will hopefully lead to helping others learn more about online business and helping them build their dream of working from home.

How to Find the Right Audience to Influence and Build a Platform

However, in terms of getting myself out there to find the right avenue of exposure either through media and sponsorships, I like the idea of a media page to show case my influence and work as an online business owner. Sponsorships intrigue me but look a little bit challenging for my current state of business, so I think I will start with just being myself, blogging and developing content to showcase my knowledge and experiences and try to land some guest blogging or HARO gigs to get out there.

Tell me: What is your favorite way to put your online business out there to influence others? Blogging, Developing Content to Market, Media Publicity or Sponsoring…

Build a Platform of Influence By Being Yourself & Helpful

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