Where in the World Would I Live?

I don’t know about you, but I like to “try out” new things and places! Natalie asks, “If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?” But, before I make a decision that changes the way I live, I’d like to vacation somewhere for a couple weeks, before making it a home. I’ve  never been outside the United States and would absolutely love to travel almost anywhere.

I’ve not yet thought about where I would try living, maybe somewhere in Europe like Italy, France or Netherlands. They just look so peaceful and beautiful. I’ve heard Australia is great too. Honestly, there are to many choices. But one thing I know for sure is that wherever this place might be, it would be a coastal state or country.

It’s where my heart is most happy! The sand, tropical plants, the waves crashing, the birds, ah I can just hear it!! And the smell of the salt water and fresh air. Mmm heaven…I’m ready to pack my bags now, I don’t need to try anything out, do I? :)

Rabbit Island, Italy
See here is a place in Italy know as Rabbit Island. Perfect!


Emerald Isle, NC
Emerald Isle, NC

If I were to choose somewhere in the U.S. though, North Carolina would be my ideal location. I could be happy never traveling, if I could have this back. Check out why here.  Or, maybe Oregon… it looks beautiful too.


Tell me in the comments below: Where in the world would you live, if you could make it happen?

Where in the World Would I Live?

2 thoughts on “Where in the World Would I Live?

  1. coughlan2011 says:

    Olivia, you have discovered the key to living where you want. You say, “It’s where my heart is most happy!” Follow your heart. You cannot go wrong. By the way, living beside water, whether the sea or a lake, would be my choice too, if only I could decide which sea, or which lake!

  2. Olivia, I’m with you- give me the ocean and I’m a happy girl! I think I’d like to live in Italy and in France for a year….but I’m also curious about some other parts of the world. It’s so amazing that we have these options today!

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