(Resource) Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist

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How to add a VA in your business

If you are thinking about adding a Virtual Assistant or any other service provider in your business, I highly recommend the “Hiring a Virtual Assistant” Checklist. You will learn these essential steps to start your search on the right foot:

  • How to prepare yourself before searching for a Virtual Assistant
  • What to look for during the searching process
  • How to start out with a healthy VA/Client relationship

How to find a compatible VA using this Checklist

You’re probably thinking it’s quite different hiring a virtual assistant than hiring an in-house assistant, (an you’re absolutely right) hence, you may feel this makes it difficult to discern their reliability, honesty, and good work ethic, right. It’s not likely you interview them in person but there is a way to potentially open yourself up to a great assistant to help you manage your overwhelm.

We understand that you can feel even more overwhelmed with how you should prepare for hiring an awesome VA, to actually locking in your perfect fit. By utilizing this checklist, you will be able to implement crucial steps that allow you to find a compatible virtual assistant for your business.

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(Resource) Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist