How to Manage Your Social Media from Start to Finish

Have you been thinking about starting a content system for your social media exposure?

Or maybe you don’t even have social media sites set up for your business and need to take the time to set them up.

Then, you my friend should definitely get started!

What’s great about these 3 tips I am about to share with you to improve your online business is that a Virtual Assistant can take on these helpful projects to grow your brand leaving you feel less overwhelm.

WAHM 4.1

Tip 1

Set up only 2 Social Media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, G+ or which ever site is best for your niche to gain credibility, exposure and followers. It is not healthy to have more than 2 or 3 where you focus your time and energy with because it can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. And, we don’t want that!

Tip 2

Create an Editorial Calendar for your content and images. I love to use Dropbox for this. I have a couple of folders for images, my content ideas, spreadsheets and document templates, so they can easily be shared with and accessed by my VA or clients.

You can have a VA set up a draft of social media posts from the content you have already created on your website, e-books or research posts that fit your niche, then, you can go in and edit them to your liking.

Tip 3

Schedule your content in bulk. This is going to save you so much time and headache. You can set aside one day a month/week to schedule content that either you or your assistant have outlined.

There are images to resize for each site, different word count for each status and so on that can take up a lot of limited time, so a Social media scheduler like Hootsuite, SproutSocial can post updates to multiple sites at once and your VA can use PicMonkey or Ipiccy to resize and create graphics for each account (remember there should only be 2 or 3). 

Check out this awesome Infographic about social media image specs.

Let’s get started, take control of your hectic or non-existent business social media; make it manageable, resourceful and fabulous.

And, grab a few social media templates for your brand’s tips, quotes and regular updates, too.

How to Manage Your Social Media from Start to Finish

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