Why I Love being a Virtual Assistant

why i love being a va img Create a schedule that fits my family

There are many benefits of being a Virtual Assistant- working from home. Most importantly, it allows my family’s lifestyle to take priority by allowing me to create a work schedule that fits around them, and that really works for me. It also allows me to have even more purpose in my life, especially being a stay at home mom. I get the benefits of working, but without leaving the kids at daycare all day :(  and that sometimes lengthy commute to the office.

More reasons why I love my job

  • You work at your allocated times. You’re the boss of your day!
  • You work around your family commitments
  • Allows you to take some financial load off your partner.
  • You work for yourself
  • No office politics, less busy gossip.
  • You choose the type of work you want to specialize in.
  • Save on gas and lunches, which is always a plus.
  • You can expand your horizons in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.
  • The overall feeling of satisfaction by contributing to your household on a business level.

Creating a biz to fit you

The benefits are endless, but these are the ones I enjoy most about being a Virtual Assistant. Being able to create your own online business as a Virtual Assistant is a great opportunity to work from home and improve yourself at the same time. When you feel good the feeling passes on to your clients, team and ultimately your family and that is something I won’t take for granted.

I want to inspire you to take a look into this growing business. It’s an opportunity that may change your whole financial situation- like it did mine. You may start off slow or not know where to start, but keep doing your research, plug into groups, fourms. Once you get started, you’ll never look back.

Feel free to contact Olivia too!

Create your dream job

Tell me: what’s holding you back from taking a leap into entrepreneurship?

Why I Love being a Virtual Assistant

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