Key Pieces to Your Virtual Assistant Website

Virtual Assistant WebsiteWhen you launch your business as a Virtual Assistant, you find more success if you create and maintain a website or blog of any sort. It allows you to communicate your expertise, offer solutions and add value to your brand.

There are a few key pieces to your virtual assistant website, and I want to outline some of them for you. It may be that you’ve never had an online business or dreamt of creating a website. Many options are available to create a simple website, unless you are ready to make an investment in yourself to have someone set up a website for you.


It’s important to keep these essential elements in mind when setting up your website:

Present a website to them that demonstrates your expertise.

You must always, always be backed up visually and in practical demonstration of the fields you dedicate your Virtual Assistant practice to. Whether it be as a social media marketing guru, grammar expert, and so on.

Talk about them, not you.

Your potential clients aren’t really interested in you—but rather how you can help them. They searched google, came to your site and are ultimately looking for a solution to their problem. Right? I say this with the best intention to help you get your website to attract clients’ attention.

Give them someone to connect with.

It’s important to reference to yourself when creating your website. Potential clients want to connect their virtual assistant to a name and a face. The likable, trust factors sky-rockets. They will feel like they know you more and will be more comfortable scheduling a consultation with you.

Talk like a real person.

Don’t get so caught up in your corporate speech and professionalism, that you forget to enjoy creating your website copy- unless your market is very corporate. People want you to be relatable; it should seem like you’re having a conversation with them, while outlining how you can benefit their business and why you’re cut out for their team.

Well-written, clear copy.

We’re all bound to make a few mistakes and in knowing this make sure you take extra time to review your website for grammar, structure and clarity. Your potential clients will choose another VA if they see spelling and grammar mistakes on your site, so make it a priority.



Olivia recommends getting a website review on your website. Whether you have a friend or family member check it out, or pay for a website review.

Olivia offers a complete review of your website — content, images, functions, keywords, traffic, usability, look, and feel. If your current site is not attracting much traffic or if you are not getting leads or sales from visitors, then you will want to have your website analyzed by an expert.

You will get a precise, detailed plan of action to implement for your website to improve the professional image of your brand and attract your target audience for increased response and sales.

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Key Pieces to Your Virtual Assistant Website

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