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Short Bio: Olivia O’Hara Solutions makes me a WAHM & entrepreneur with online marketing, website design, biz automation and more. When I am not working away on my MacBook Pro, I enjoy running, movies, making jewelry and being outdoors with my family- particularly in the summer! Working from home positions me to create a business around my family’s lifestyle and not fit them into my career.

Extended Bio:Olivia O'Hara

Hello!  I am so excited you’re here! I’d like to introduce myself… I’m Olivia O’Hara and these are my beautiful children.

My start of entrepreneurial passion began early in life at age 15 with Ocean Daze Jewelry.  From those few years of establishing a traditional jewelry business (by that I mean not online), I had not even come close to mastering the amount of expertise I have today that truly helps online businesses develop clear goals and achieve their greatest potential in entrepreneurship online. And I am so excited to take that knowledge and grow Ocean Daze Jewelry in the near future, but more importantly to help you grow your business- big or small.

I started my online business as a Virtual Assistant in 2012, working alongside one of the greatest supporters of my newly found love and passion for helping online businesses find the right online solution to get projects completed. And I have been slowly been transitioning into an Online Business Manager, so that I can better serve those who struggle managing their business whether it’s organizing projects, finding others to outsource to or maintaining systems already in place.

My goal as your service provider is to ensure you have the right tools and assistance to run your business and create a lifestyle of freedom you love. Because I promise that it is worth it and completely possible to create happiness and freedom you work so hard for at corporate jobs come alive within a couple years online. My husband has been able to study at the college of his dream full-time without working, while I work from home to  support our family.

I know you want to manage or even star up an online business that works for you and soon you’ll realize you can’t do it alone, so browse the Solutions or Ideal Client pages to learn how can help you maintain lifestyle freedom with your online business. Just contact me  if you have any questions or want to get started with a Solution that fits your business needs!

To Your Success,

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Olivia’s Mission For This Blog:

I am not only here to grow with you by providing services, but I also believe by educating you about online business “secret ingredients” and providing helpful services, tips and advice you will be able to grow your audience, leads & sales, feel less intimidated about “how to run things” and minimize or eliminate overwhelm.