3 Online Tools for an Entrepreneur

3 Online Tools for an EntrepreneurThere are so many wonderful online tools for an entrepreneur, it’s very hard to decide on just 3. So far, I’ve only managed to narrow down and write about my 12 top recommended tools, so let’s see here…

1. Asana.

Asana is a project management system, which you can, in most cases, add all your online team to- up to 29 free members. It has a very easy to navigate structure, which I think it makes it easy for anyone who has concerns about their ability to efficiently navigate online systems. I like that I can access everything in one view and not open several areas of the system before I get to the info I need.


2. Hootsuite.

This is a pretty sweet tool as well. Hootsuite allows you to schedule all your social media posts at one time.  You can schedule out a week, a month, or even couple months. It is nice to use for travel and for a general work week,so you can focus on more important, billable tasks. Social  media will allow  businesses to make money, if they plan it out and schedule. No more worrying when the next post will go out! Get 5 profiles on a free account, measure analytics, and view all your profiles from one dashboard. So go ahead, try out Hootsuite and sit back, relax or work like crazy on what you’ve been held back from- whichever you prefer.

3. Freshbooks

If you have an off or online business, then you certainly have the ability to utilize this tool. Get paid for products and services using this cloud invoicing solution. On a free account you can have up to 3 clients and upgrade to a 20.00 account for up to 20 or 25 clients. Track time and expenses, send estimates, list items you sell for easy data entry on invoices, get reports to manage your growth and more…Try out Freshbooks for your business.

The list does not end here for me. Check out more of my recommended tools over here or click the image below.

12 Top Recommended Tools for Online Business

3 Online Tools for an Entrepreneur

3 Ways for Marketing and Building Trust for Your Brand


A Marketing Confession

Today I want to address some of the key ways in which an online business can network and build an audience packed with nothing but trust for your business. For some it is one of the most challenging parts of having an online business.

I’ve not exactly put much effort in getting out there, until I started this Blog Challenge with the Suitcase Entrepreneur and launched my website. I felt the website was a key component to marketing myself effectively- not that a blog can’t work because it does. But, I wanted to do it right this time.

How Marketing Your Brand Links with Credibility

When your market your online business, you really have to take a step back and determine how you interact with your audience (or if you even engage at all.) Because if you are not responding to your audience or posting relevant content from your blog, referring other articles, posting advice, tips or promotions, they aren’t going to see any reason to keep updated with you.

Here I will use my business as an example to show you a few ways I see Olivia O’Hara Solutions being marketed efficiently to reach my ideal clients and how I’ll plan to build credibility with each of these strategies:

  1. Facebook. I know it’s what everyone else says, but really is the best option to truly target who you want to sell to, work alongside and grow your business with.  So many people are on Facebook, so your success rate is slim to none if you can put some well thought out ads together and engage with your growing audience by offering them great resources and relatable content. Making sure to
  2. Blog Networking. Since starting this blog challenge, I have really loved all the great feedback and response it provides and helping others work toward their dreams for online business. I can only image that everyone else is  pumped up with business inspiration from it as well. So, for me I will be making it a point to comment on relatable posts that help me or the business. And, not with a “Great Post” type of comment, but and actual thoughtful comment that states a why it was beneficial to me, make a suggestion, talk about an experience, etc. type of comment.
  3. Hmm.. Freebies. I think that is a good one because I love to stop by a website and find a really good opt-in or freebie waiting, if I just give them my email. I try to only opt-in if I really like the brand or person being promoted to limit unnecessary clutter in my inbox, but SaneBox really helps me out. When freebies are offered, it allows anyone, who opts-in, to get a glimpse of your content quality and character, which is a another key component to building credibility for your brand.

Tell me what your FREEBIE is on your site in the comments below and then, post a link too access it.

Check out mine: Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist

Hiring a Virtual Assistant


How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is really is an easy process, but I imagine, if it’s your first time hiring your own personal VA, you’re feeling a little lost. And that’s okay! Chances may also be that you have encountered a bad experience working with your Virtual Assistant.

I would like to show you how simple it really is to hire a virtual assistant and how you can determine if your candidate is really who you should add to your team with a free checklist.

If you’ve hired a Virtual Assistant in the past and your experience didn’t workout like you thought it would. You may be wondering where you went wrong. Or, how you didn’t see that the VA you hired was a fit for your business.

I want to invite you to check out this free resource Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Click to Grab Your Copy

I created it for people just like you who are looking to hire their first VA or find the perfect Virtual Assistant, who fits with their business.

You will learn:

  • How to position yourself when hiring a new team member.
  • What you can look for while you’re in the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant.
  • Where to find a VA and how to approach the hiring process.
  • How to determine if your Virtual Assistant is a right fit for your business.

Pick up your copy of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist to get started on the right

path to hiring your first or ideal Virtual Assistant.

All I ask for is your name and email so I can send you other great specials, tips and resources first :)


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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

When to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Off or Online Business

When to Hire a virtual assistantThere really isn’t a right answer as to when it is “most” beneficial for an off or online business to hire a Virtual Assistant because each business and it’s projects are different.

However, as business owners you likely understand the importance of planning ahead, setting up short and long-term goals, while fitting pieces into place along the way of launching new ideas and products to bring in quantitive results. Right?

This means for you as a business owner, whether you’re a physical location based store front with a website or purely online with all your products and services, a virtual assistant can be a key factor which allows you to focus on only the tasks you can accomplish in your business.

Let’s look at an example:

If my client is writing a book, but they have social media to post, emails to contend with, research demands to find the best publisher or details about how to publish successfully, marketing tactics for product launch to strategize and a continual list of to dos- they will never get to sit down and write  a book that has all their time and attention to focus on developing amazing content for their audience.

So, planning ahead with a virtual assistant can mean they draft and format blogs, schedule social media about an awesome new product launch and existing content you have created, researching specific details, managing email inquiries and all those little things that take up time, which don’t require the author to set in motion.

I promise you absolutely don’t want to wait until you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed! You need to get a plan in action with someone who will support your off or online business before you let projects linger around your desk or in your project management system. If this happens you will only add unnecessary stress in your life and potentially hurt your business. Not preparing or getting your project well-organized or complete can lead to a poor business reputation. It shows a lack of control over your business and may frighten others away from trusting your brand.

I want you to think about your next big project. It can be a product launch, setting up a website, or traveling to speak at different summits and conferences. Now think about what specific tasks don’t require you- projects that happen repeatedly or have a system like blogging, social media, website edits, email management. Now imagine if you could have someone help you complete those tasks to allow you to focus on your →BIG PROJECT← the one only you can work on, and imagine how all stress and overwhelm will be eliminated after a couple weeks of training the right person.

It’s your turn: Have you waited until it was too late when your growing business took a plunge from your unreadiness? Share your experience on how you salvaged your business with an online service provider like a VA or OBM!


Think you might need to look into hiring a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager? Take a look at Olivia O’Hara Solutions to find a solution you need to keep you sane and your business moving along.



When to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Off or Online Business

30 Business Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make — Alli Worthington

Do you have a small business and want to get the most out of it?

Then, you really should check out these mistakes entrepreneurs make. I promise you will find at least 1 valuable nugget to focus on in your online business to make it more attractive and profitable.

via 30 Business Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make — Alli Worthington

Tell me one mistake you had to fix with your online business or personal perception of business? And, what kind of results you experienced after you changed the problem?


30 Business Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make — Alli Worthington