Why you should outsource administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

outsource administrative tasks

Simply put, your administrative tasks

don’t pay you!

You make money for your skills, which vary far between giving insightful advice to your clients, speaking for thousands of entrepreneurs or perhaps co-writing the next best seller.

Don’t get me wrong, they may be the more simple of tasks on your plate, but if I’m guessing correctly, they’re also the most time sucking things in your day, right?

Everything from updating your social media, email correspondence, setting up appointments, blogging, website edits, etc. is where a Virtual Assistant will do wonders for your business. You can even find techie VA’s to assist you as well.

You don’t have to have an online business to hire a VA- even though you should be online, however, your business can be off-line and a VA will still be instrumental in keeping your sanity. A Virtual Assistant will, in most cases, be able to set you up with a smooth transition, especially, if you’ve never worked with anyone virtually. There are many online resources that make virtual work relationships a success.

When you outsource tasks,

These are the key benefits a Virtual Assistant will offer:

    • More time for you to focus on earning money for your skill(s)
    • More time with your family & life adventures
    • Exploring new ways to uncover your potential
    • Less headache, if you don’t prefer the admin or techie stuff
    • Extra collaboration/second opinion partner, when desired

Even more necessary

As you can tell, these key benefits when outsourcing your administrative tasks are much needed for any business and even more necessary for solopreneurs. In addition, when you look at it closely, doesn’t it make sense to pay someone for his or her skill and value just as someone pays you for expertise?

Not sure where to start?

I invite you to schedule a free consultation to chat with me about your business and why you need to outsource administrative tasks. If you’re not sure where to start I’d be happy to give you some tips!

Why you should outsource administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

I wanted to take a few moments and actually connect with you on a more personal level and tell a little bit on why I started this blog and my goals for Olivia O’Hara Solutions’ Blog.

I had started my business back in 2012, and have been recently under-going some new business changes- branding, name change, marketing, blogging and service options. And while the website is still not fully ready, I have been plugging away with a new business system to gain more following and recognition, but to also grow myself in new areas by learning new strategies and systems that work for me.

As I’ve grown these last several months with my previous business Virtual Administrative Assisting, I still wanted to change how every thing was run to better serve my existing clients and be ready to take on more of my ideal clients.

However, I am here to grow with you and provide my knowledge and services to help grow your online business, while creating lifestyle freedom to enjoy your life and the business. I believe by educating you about online business “secret ingredients” and providing helpful services, tips and advice you will be able to grow your audience, leads & sales, feel less intimidated about “how to run things” and minimize or eliminate overwhelm.

I started this Blogging Challenge to grow myself mostly, but to also learn more about connecting with fans by creating relatable, reliable blogging content.

Check it out here: http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/blogchallenge/blog-challenge-day1

Tell me: why did you start your blog?

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

3 Ways to Boost Online Business Productivity

3 Tips Boost ProductivityAt the start of the year one of my goals was to learn how I could become more productive. Not only for the sake of my clients project efficiency, but for my growing business as well. It takes a lot of energy and time to start an online business and keep it maintained as a solopreneur. Any business especially online businesses require loads of results from efficient productivity to be successful. I believe through learning a new style of time management my productivity will increase.

So, I began by asking myself “How am I going to become more productive this year?” and reading lots of amazing posts about productivity- from how to get more out of your day to actually getting the stuff done. And here’s what I decided the key pieces to becoming more productive were going to be for me…

#1…Stop hesitating. Take action with ideas because thinking about them over and over again distracts too much time from our ability to actually get things done.

If you have an idea, write it down, brain storm some major points and plan a time to work on implementing it into your business. Once the idea is in progress, you will be able to mold it into a more valuable piece with feedback from colleagues and collaborators, and additional information you may stumble upon during its progress.

#2…Create goals, then set milestones to build on them. When creating new projects, it can get overwhelming because you can get that stuck factor. This feeling stuck takes up time just like hesitating with ideas as explored above. It’s easy to want to plan out projects or goals in one setting but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. Plan to write down the BIG PICTURE idea, then come back to your project manager or wherever you store ideas and add milestones as you think of them.

#3…Get Motivated and Inspired. Sometimes when I get stuck on one project then try to move on to something else, I still feel stuck. This can be a time sucker for sure as well. So to ensure that I don’t waste anytime with clients and my online business, I will do something to benefit my personal, home or family life. Perhaps take a break to switch out the laundry, read a book to the kids or even go for a run. I believe that doing chores like this more often- even if I am not in a rut- will benefit anyway. ;)

I’ve let you in on what my top 3 productivity tactics will be…How are you going to boost your productivity?  Do any of these tips appear in your plan of action?

I’d love to see your key strategies in the comments below!

P.S. Another great way to become more productive is to work with someone who offers their full support to your business. Online you can now hire a great service provider like a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager to help you stay focused and organized in all your projects before you’re drowning in stress and half done projects.

If you’d like to know specifically how a VA or OBM can help you,  then contact me to set up a FREE Consultation or view Solutions ← over here.

3 Ways to Boost Online Business Productivity

4 Tips and Qualities Your Virtual Assistant Should Have

Qualities Virtual Assistants Should HaveThere are many decisions to make when considering a VA or if you should even use one at all. I would like to point out a few things to try and some essential qualities you can look for while you are searching for your ideal service provider. This can also be helpful to Virtual Assistants looking to improve their worth, by examining how you position yourself in your service based business.

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#1 Set up a trial test. This will be your greatest advantage in determining how well you will be able to work together. Setting up a trial period of two weeks, a month, or by allocating a certain task, that represents the projects you will be assigning to your VA, will open a huge perspective of what your business is all about. #2 It will also showcase the quality of work your Virtual Assistant can offer.

Some questions you might ask yourself after this trial are:

  • Do the tasks you assign get completed within the time frame you specified?
  • Is their communication thorough?
  • Do they respond within a timely fashion?
  • Did they perform the tasks with quality in mind?
  • Did they actually do what they said they would or collaborate with you about any changes?
  • Have any questions been asked?

#3 Reputation. Another great way to decide if a VA is right for you is to ask for references, just like you would in a job application. If they don’t have any experience, then your best option will be to set up the trial test and gauge their commitment to you and the quality of their work. Or you can ask for character, ethical work experience or about their ability to work diligently type of references  instead of the typical references.

#4 Communication. Oh, I know you’ve heard it before, but it really is the foundation to any relationship, especially professional relationships. Not only does the client need to voice their needs, goals, and expectations but the assistant will have those too. So be sure to ask your Virtual Assistant if they have any requirements when working together like preferred communication method, project hour availability, what projects they enjoy working on and which niche areas they are proficient in.

One key quality to watch for is how timely they respond and if it is acceptable for your needs. If not, just ask for regular check-ins and see how well they commit.

So here’s what to look for:

  • Get Familiar with a Trial Test 
  • Measurable Efficiency & Quality 
  • Solid Reputation
  • Timely & Thorough Communication

You should be able to gauge how your relationship with a Virtual Assistant will work with these basic, yet essential tips and ideas.

Let me know how these tips worked for you by commenting below? Or share your methods on how to determine if a service provider like a Virtual Assistant will be a fit for you?     

If you’re looking for online solutions for your business, check out how Olivia can help you accomplish more and give you more time to focus on what you do best. Visit Solutions for more information!

4 Tips and Qualities Your Virtual Assistant Should Have