Build a Platform of Influence By Being Yourself & Helpful

Be Yourself to Influence the Right Audience

It’s Day #19 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge or rather I am just now getting to Day #19 and Natalie asks, “Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?”

InfluenceBuilding a platform and creating meaningful influence is definitely something that takes time. I believe this blog is where it all starts and I will grow with my audience and like minded entrepreneurs as a leading learner. This seems to fit me perfectly. A leading learner as Natalie states is basically someone who users their experiences in growing themselves in life to help others grow.

Creating my own platform with innovative apps, systems and such don’t sound like me. I love to have hands on experience with everything new. It’s my learning style and love helping others by showing them what I have figured out. Being true to myself will be a prominent key in attracting an audience that accepts me for who I am, which will hopefully lead to helping others learn more about online business and helping them build their dream of working from home.

How to Find the Right Audience to Influence and Build a Platform

However, in terms of getting myself out there to find the right avenue of exposure either through media and sponsorships, I like the idea of a media page to show case my influence and work as an online business owner. Sponsorships intrigue me but look a little bit challenging for my current state of business, so I think I will start with just being myself, blogging and developing content to showcase my knowledge and experiences and try to land some guest blogging or HARO gigs to get out there.

Tell me: What is your favorite way to put your online business out there to influence others? Blogging, Developing Content to Market, Media Publicity or Sponsoring…

Build a Platform of Influence By Being Yourself & Helpful

Online Business Inspiration to Effective Writing

Whose online business do you admire most and why?

It’s another question from Natalie, The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s Blog Challenge and I think it may be the hardest question for me to answer.

There are so many great online businesses out there online, and it’s hard to narrow it down to just one totally awesome entrepreneur.

But, since I am a VA/OBM I thought it appropriate to pick another really great service provider to model after.  So I’m going to choose Erin Blaskie. She provides digital coaching, branding and services to online businesses, which is something I don’t offer but I really admire her style, website, newsletters and all content she provides to her audience.

When I read her newsletters, copy on the website or resources, I really want to invest in her because she has great writing skills, something I am working on. I imagine she’s been in business or several years, so she’s been able to:

  • Figure out what works best for her business
  • How to capture her ideal clients
  • Genuinely help other businesses out there with their online presence

So practicing my writing skills through blogging frequently, testing my ideas through social media and the determining how to approach my audience will be huge in mastering my copy writing skills. I will then be able to attract more ideal clients, grow my business and proficiently help others with running successful online businesses from delegation.


Other notable mentions off the top of my head:

  • Natalie Sisson @ The Suitcase Entrepreneur
  • Sandi Krakowski @ A Real CHange
  • Stacy Boegem @ Happiness Agenda
  • Jessica @ Write Ahead

I’d love to here your best tips in developing better copy. Comment below and share with the world how you mastered your writing skills.

Online Business Inspiration to Effective Writing

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

I wanted to take a few moments and actually connect with you on a more personal level and tell a little bit on why I started this blog and my goals for Olivia O’Hara Solutions’ Blog.

I had started my business back in 2012, and have been recently under-going some new business changes- branding, name change, marketing, blogging and service options. And while the website is still not fully ready, I have been plugging away with a new business system to gain more following and recognition, but to also grow myself in new areas by learning new strategies and systems that work for me.

As I’ve grown these last several months with my previous business Virtual Administrative Assisting, I still wanted to change how every thing was run to better serve my existing clients and be ready to take on more of my ideal clients.

However, I am here to grow with you and provide my knowledge and services to help grow your online business, while creating lifestyle freedom to enjoy your life and the business. I believe by educating you about online business “secret ingredients” and providing helpful services, tips and advice you will be able to grow your audience, leads & sales, feel less intimidated about “how to run things” and minimize or eliminate overwhelm.

I started this Blogging Challenge to grow myself mostly, but to also learn more about connecting with fans by creating relatable, reliable blogging content.

Check it out here:

Tell me: why did you start your blog?

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

30 Business Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make — Alli Worthington

Do you have a small business and want to get the most out of it?

Then, you really should check out these mistakes entrepreneurs make. I promise you will find at least 1 valuable nugget to focus on in your online business to make it more attractive and profitable.

via 30 Business Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make — Alli Worthington

Tell me one mistake you had to fix with your online business or personal perception of business? And, what kind of results you experienced after you changed the problem?


30 Business Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make — Alli Worthington