Why you should outsource administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

outsource administrative tasks

Simply put, your administrative tasks

don’t pay you!

You make money for your skills, which vary far between giving insightful advice to your clients, speaking for thousands of entrepreneurs or perhaps co-writing the next best seller.

Don’t get me wrong, they may be the more simple of tasks on your plate, but if I’m guessing correctly, they’re also the most time sucking things in your day, right?

Everything from updating your social media, email correspondence, setting up appointments, blogging, website edits, etc. is where a Virtual Assistant will do wonders for your business. You can even find techie VA’s to assist you as well.

You don’t have to have an online business to hire a VA- even though you should be online, however, your business can be off-line and a VA will still be instrumental in keeping your sanity. A Virtual Assistant will, in most cases, be able to set you up with a smooth transition, especially, if you’ve never worked with anyone virtually. There are many online resources that make virtual work relationships a success.

When you outsource tasks,

These are the key benefits a Virtual Assistant will offer:

    • More time for you to focus on earning money for your skill(s)
    • More time with your family & life adventures
    • Exploring new ways to uncover your potential
    • Less headache, if you don’t prefer the admin or techie stuff
    • Extra collaboration/second opinion partner, when desired

Even more necessary

As you can tell, these key benefits when outsourcing your administrative tasks are much needed for any business and even more necessary for solopreneurs. In addition, when you look at it closely, doesn’t it make sense to pay someone for his or her skill and value just as someone pays you for expertise?

Not sure where to start?

I invite you to schedule a free consultation to chat with me about your business and why you need to outsource administrative tasks. If you’re not sure where to start I’d be happy to give you some tips!

Why you should outsource administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

Key Pieces to Your Virtual Assistant Website

Virtual Assistant WebsiteWhen you launch your business as a Virtual Assistant, you find more success if you create and maintain a website or blog of any sort. It allows you to communicate your expertise, offer solutions and add value to your brand.

There are a few key pieces to your virtual assistant website, and I want to outline some of them for you. It may be that you’ve never had an online business or dreamt of creating a website. Many options are available to create a simple website, unless you are ready to make an investment in yourself to have someone set up a website for you.


It’s important to keep these essential elements in mind when setting up your website:

Present a website to them that demonstrates your expertise.

You must always, always be backed up visually and in practical demonstration of the fields you dedicate your Virtual Assistant practice to. Whether it be as a social media marketing guru, grammar expert, and so on.

Talk about them, not you.

Your potential clients aren’t really interested in you—but rather how you can help them. They searched google, came to your site and are ultimately looking for a solution to their problem. Right? I say this with the best intention to help you get your website to attract clients’ attention.

Give them someone to connect with.

It’s important to reference to yourself when creating your website. Potential clients want to connect their virtual assistant to a name and a face. The likable, trust factors sky-rockets. They will feel like they know you more and will be more comfortable scheduling a consultation with you.

Talk like a real person.

Don’t get so caught up in your corporate speech and professionalism, that you forget to enjoy creating your website copy- unless your market is very corporate. People want you to be relatable; it should seem like you’re having a conversation with them, while outlining how you can benefit their business and why you’re cut out for their team.

Well-written, clear copy.

We’re all bound to make a few mistakes and in knowing this make sure you take extra time to review your website for grammar, structure and clarity. Your potential clients will choose another VA if they see spelling and grammar mistakes on your site, so make it a priority.



Olivia recommends getting a website review on your website. Whether you have a friend or family member check it out, or pay for a website review.

Olivia offers a complete review of your website — content, images, functions, keywords, traffic, usability, look, and feel. If your current site is not attracting much traffic or if you are not getting leads or sales from visitors, then you will want to have your website analyzed by an expert.

You will get a precise, detailed plan of action to implement for your website to improve the professional image of your brand and attract your target audience for increased response and sales.

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Key Pieces to Your Virtual Assistant Website

Why I Love being a Virtual Assistant

why i love being a va img Create a schedule that fits my family

There are many benefits of being a Virtual Assistant- working from home. Most importantly, it allows my family’s lifestyle to take priority by allowing me to create a work schedule that fits around them, and that really works for me. It also allows me to have even more purpose in my life, especially being a stay at home mom. I get the benefits of working, but without leaving the kids at daycare all day :(  and that sometimes lengthy commute to the office.

More reasons why I love my job

  • You work at your allocated times. You’re the boss of your day!
  • You work around your family commitments
  • Allows you to take some financial load off your partner.
  • You work for yourself
  • No office politics, less busy gossip.
  • You choose the type of work you want to specialize in.
  • Save on gas and lunches, which is always a plus.
  • You can expand your horizons in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.
  • The overall feeling of satisfaction by contributing to your household on a business level.

Creating a biz to fit you

The benefits are endless, but these are the ones I enjoy most about being a Virtual Assistant. Being able to create your own online business as a Virtual Assistant is a great opportunity to work from home and improve yourself at the same time. When you feel good the feeling passes on to your clients, team and ultimately your family and that is something I won’t take for granted.

I want to inspire you to take a look into this growing business. It’s an opportunity that may change your whole financial situation- like it did mine. You may start off slow or not know where to start, but keep doing your research, plug into groups, fourms. Once you get started, you’ll never look back.

Feel free to contact Olivia too!

Create your dream job

Tell me: what’s holding you back from taking a leap into entrepreneurship?

Why I Love being a Virtual Assistant

5 Ways to Tell You Need a Virtual Assistant

Have you held back on hiring a Virtual Assistant?

If you’ve never hired a Virtual Assistant, there can be some resistance in taking the first step in hiring help through virtual means and even some overwhelm as to how to know which VA is right for you or where to start.

Download my complimentary checklist for hiring a Virtual Assistant!

But, if you are feeling overwhelmed with your online business or you answer ‘YES’ to any of the following, you might consider expanding your business with the help of our services…

How to tell you need a Virtual Assistant

1.     You are working more than you want to.  For example, let’s say you have been in business for over a year, and by now you have the hang of all the work that needs to be done, but you are still working at night when you could be spending time with your family.  Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great way to free up time in your busy schedule and allow you to enjoy the benefits of running a business without sacrificing time with your loved ones.

2.     You are constantly working on repetitive tasks.   Necessary, yet time consuming tasks such as creating content, data entry and research, e-mail correspondence, social media management, and website updates, are only a few of the many responsibilities a Virtual Assistant can take off your hands. Take a day to write down all the tasks you do throughout the day and then pick the ones that only you can do and delegate the rest.

3.     You know you need help but can’t afford someone full-time.  With a Virtual Assistant, you can easily afford help and, the best part is, you set the pay rate and the time allotted for each task by hiring a VA within your budget. That way you are only billed for the hours worked on your tasks.  It eliminates overhead costs and expenses you would have otherwise.

*It’s also important to keep an open mind to the standards you have for your business and the quality which may be associated with paying a higher rate.

4.     You feel overwhelmed with your workload.  Do you have an endless to-do list that keeps growing?  Why not let a Virtual Assistant help bear some of the weight?

 5.     Vacation! Does the sound of that give you an anxiety attack?  A Virtual Assistant adds flexibility to your lifestyle at home, because running your own business means fitting it into your life, rather than it running you.


How convenient would it be to schedule a week or months worth of social media content using what you’ve already created! Check out our Social Media Packages to learn more.


5 Ways to Tell You Need a Virtual Assistant

Grow your WAHM Business with a Virtual Assistant

Grow with a Virtual AssistantAs the popularity of having an online business increases, so does the demand for virtual assistants.  No matter what type of business you may have there will always be tasks that take your focus away from growing your business and with the help of a Virtual Assistant you can minimize those distractions.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

There are an incredible amount benefits of having your own Work at Home Mom (WAHM) business including having a flexible schedule, being your own boss and the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones; but, like in everything, balance is key.  A virtual assistant pays their own taxes, is committed and responsible, and reduces overhead you would otherwise have with an in-office assistant.  Not to mention, they perform tasks that you deem important but may not have time to complete thereby minimizing your overwhelm.

The Importance of Balance

Studies show that increased stress can lead to premature aging, anxiety, and other serious health issues.  Diet and exercise are perhaps the two biggest factors in a person’s health, but a balance of work and play is also recommended.  If you make time to take care of yourself, the benefits will allow you to have more energy to focus on the important things in life, including running your business.  Having a virtual assistant will reduce your stress, and overwhelm but most importantly having an assistant for your WAHM business can allow you to free up time for your family, maintain productivity and grow your business online.

Schedule a chat with me about how you can maximize time using a Virtual Assistant in your business.

Grow your WAHM Business with a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant May not Cost Anything

Hiring a Virtual Assistant From the Start

Entrepreneurs typically start their businesses alone pouring in their ideas, time & money to grow a successful online business. But if you take all the projects on yourself, you can be left feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and quit projects- that means leaving parts of your business in the dust.

And, you eventually find that even the perks of being your own boss like taking time off when you want and working with clients you love, can take a toll when you are doing it all yourself. It won’t be rewarding at all! You are your own boss, accountant, marketer and secretary, right? Yet those are tasks you DON’T get paid for- they’re NOT billable hours…


How Do You not Invest Out-of-Pocket

Many who want help think of the traditional cost associated with hiring in-house assistance, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be that painful hiring help for your online business. In fact, if you are aware of how hiring a virtual assistant works by playing it smart, you actually don’t have to invest out-of-pocket.

Let’s look at an example. If you are making $100/hr, and you hire a Virtual Assistant at $20/hr, you’re still making $80.


If You’re Buried Under Projects…

Let’s also take a moment to think about all those tasks you have to work on, yet when do you actually take the time to get it done? Do they just build up until you feel buried in a mountain of website edits, social media creation, customer inquires,  account set ups, creating blog content, ect, ect?

Those are task your Virtual Assistant can help you with and more. So stop spending your time on projects that don’t make you money and start delegating to a service provider like a Virtual Assistant. I promise you it will make everything much easier when you have some there to help you and increase your productivity.

Hire a Virtual Assistant.

Here’s What We Recommend

Hop on over to the Solutions page and see what Olivia O’Hara Solutions can help you with. Or if you want to chat with me, I’d love to hear from you and strategize a game plan to help you get more done and enjoy your business.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant May not Cost Anything

Yes, Virtual Assistants Work Smarter By Hiring Teams too.

It’s day 16 of the Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson and I have my 17 month old helper on my lap today for this post!

Though that’ not the help we will cover today in response to the topic! :)

Natalie asks, “How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?”

Work Smarter as a Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant/OBM this is what I help my clients with everyday. Turning the consistent tasks into delegated projects for a VA, which for me ranges from website management to data entry, to work smarter towards their vision of an ideal lifestyle.

When you are a VA or OBM, it can prove challenging to learn the concept of delegation, even though it’s what we teach and do. Maybe it’s because we do it all for others, we automatically think we can handle our own businesses. However, it’s absolutely impossible to hold onto your sanity after a certain point of having a never ending task list, even at the end of the day.

Work Smarter

 How I’ll Work Smarter

So, working smarter and not harder is for me all about delegation to another Virtual Assistant, who I teach my business processes to. It’s really quite a simple concept and having the right tools in place or business processes written out can allow one to fully provide the right services to you on the level you wish to have them provided.

The key is to not let your business get overrun before you hire someone to help you. Read more about When to Hire a Virtual Assistant.


Work smarter not harder with a Virtual Assistant! (Tweetable)

If you’re looking to hire a Virtual Assistant or any other service provider, I encourage you to check into my free How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Checklist. It will help prepare you before hiring someone on your team and point out some of the key pieces to implement before and after hiring a VA.

Yes, Virtual Assistants Work Smarter By Hiring Teams too.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is really is an easy process, but I imagine, if it’s your first time hiring your own personal VA, you’re feeling a little lost. And that’s okay! Chances may also be that you have encountered a bad experience working with your Virtual Assistant.

I would like to show you how simple it really is to hire a virtual assistant and how you can determine if your candidate is really who you should add to your team with a free checklist.

If you’ve hired a Virtual Assistant in the past and your experience didn’t workout like you thought it would. You may be wondering where you went wrong. Or, how you didn’t see that the VA you hired was a fit for your business.

I want to invite you to check out this free resource Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Click to Grab Your Copy

I created it for people just like you who are looking to hire their first VA or find the perfect Virtual Assistant, who fits with their business.

You will learn:

  • How to position yourself when hiring a new team member.
  • What you can look for while you’re in the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant.
  • Where to find a VA and how to approach the hiring process.
  • How to determine if your Virtual Assistant is a right fit for your business.

Pick up your copy of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist to get started on the right

path to hiring your first or ideal Virtual Assistant.

All I ask for is your name and email so I can send you other great specials, tips and resources first :)


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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

I wanted to take a few moments and actually connect with you on a more personal level and tell a little bit on why I started this blog and my goals for Olivia O’Hara Solutions’ Blog.

I had started my business back in 2012, and have been recently under-going some new business changes- branding, name change, marketing, blogging and service options. And while the website is still not fully ready, I have been plugging away with a new business system to gain more following and recognition, but to also grow myself in new areas by learning new strategies and systems that work for me.

As I’ve grown these last several months with my previous business Virtual Administrative Assisting, I still wanted to change how every thing was run to better serve my existing clients and be ready to take on more of my ideal clients.

However, I am here to grow with you and provide my knowledge and services to help grow your online business, while creating lifestyle freedom to enjoy your life and the business. I believe by educating you about online business “secret ingredients” and providing helpful services, tips and advice you will be able to grow your audience, leads & sales, feel less intimidated about “how to run things” and minimize or eliminate overwhelm.

I started this Blogging Challenge to grow myself mostly, but to also learn more about connecting with fans by creating relatable, reliable blogging content.

Check it out here: http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/blogchallenge/blog-challenge-day1

Tell me: why did you start your blog?

Why I’m Here and Where We Will Go Together- If You’ll Join Me