3 Online Tools for an Entrepreneur

3 Online Tools for an EntrepreneurThere are so many wonderful online tools for an entrepreneur, it’s very hard to decide on just 3. So far, I’ve only managed to narrow down and write about my 12 top recommended tools, so let’s see here…

1. Asana.

Asana is a project management system, which you can, in most cases, add all your online team to- up to 29 free members. It has a very easy to navigate structure, which I think it makes it easy for anyone who has concerns about their ability to efficiently navigate online systems. I like that I can access everything in one view and not open several areas of the system before I get to the info I need.


2. Hootsuite.

This is a pretty sweet tool as well. Hootsuite allows you to schedule all your social media posts at one time.  You can schedule out a week, a month, or even couple months. It is nice to use for travel and for a general work week,so you can focus on more important, billable tasks. Social  media will allow  businesses to make money, if they plan it out and schedule. No more worrying when the next post will go out! Get 5 profiles on a free account, measure analytics, and view all your profiles from one dashboard. So go ahead, try out Hootsuite and sit back, relax or work like crazy on what you’ve been held back from- whichever you prefer.

3. Freshbooks

If you have an off or online business, then you certainly have the ability to utilize this tool. Get paid for products and services using this cloud invoicing solution. On a free account you can have up to 3 clients and upgrade to a 20.00 account for up to 20 or 25 clients. Track time and expenses, send estimates, list items you sell for easy data entry on invoices, get reports to manage your growth and more…Try out Freshbooks for your business.

The list does not end here for me. Check out more of my recommended tools over here or click the image below.

12 Top Recommended Tools for Online Business

3 Online Tools for an Entrepreneur

Build a Platform of Influence By Being Yourself & Helpful

Be Yourself to Influence the Right Audience

It’s Day #19 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge or rather I am just now getting to Day #19 and Natalie asks, “Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?”

InfluenceBuilding a platform and creating meaningful influence is definitely something that takes time. I believe this blog is where it all starts and I will grow with my audience and like minded entrepreneurs as a leading learner. This seems to fit me perfectly. A leading learner as Natalie states is basically someone who users their experiences in growing themselves in life to help others grow.

Creating my own platform with innovative apps, systems and such don’t sound like me. I love to have hands on experience with everything new. It’s my learning style and love helping others by showing them what I have figured out. Being true to myself will be a prominent key in attracting an audience that accepts me for who I am, which will hopefully lead to helping others learn more about online business and helping them build their dream of working from home.

How to Find the Right Audience to Influence and Build a Platform

However, in terms of getting myself out there to find the right avenue of exposure either through media and sponsorships, I like the idea of a media page to show case my influence and work as an online business owner. Sponsorships intrigue me but look a little bit challenging for my current state of business, so I think I will start with just being myself, blogging and developing content to showcase my knowledge and experiences and try to land some guest blogging or HARO gigs to get out there.

Tell me: What is your favorite way to put your online business out there to influence others? Blogging, Developing Content to Market, Media Publicity or Sponsoring…

Build a Platform of Influence By Being Yourself & Helpful

Promote Your Brand with an Online Sales Team

Market with an Online Sales Team

Here’s to Day 18 on Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge. Natalie asks, “What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?”

Online Sales

Learning more about affiliate marketing will be one of the biggest parts in developing a sales team for Olivia O’Hara Solutions! When it reaches the point in where I have products to sell, I will hope to use the community that I have built as mentioned in 3 Ways for Marketing and Building Trust for Your Brand But, before my business reaches a point in which to utilize my community as a sales team, I can offer a referral program to anyone who refers my services and solutions to a client who signs a contract. It’s just another simple incentive to getting your services or brand promoted on a smaller scale. And by having a new client fill in that someone referred them with an email to the referrer is all you’d need to send money through Paypal.

How I’ll Grow My Online Sales Team

In order to do this, I will work on continually growing my fan base on Facebook, this blog and other social media platforms, so that I can gradually gain credibility to develop a sales team who believes in me and my business. Another great way that I plan to build that trust is through offering free content to gain credibility for a great support and dream sales team by showcasing my content- clean well-formated document, helpful tips & content and overall quality.

I’d say that I’ll end up using a site like ClickBank or E-Junkie to sell my products and build my own affiliate program to link to my website. For referrals, I’d likely credit their invoice, if they are a current client or cut a referral check of XX amount of dollars, only if who is referred signs a contract with me.

Short and sweet…I know this plan will grow into a more detailed one when I’m ready to develop my affiliate products. And this dreamy sales team will also become more clear as my thoughts mesh together with how I am to move forward in this area.

Tell me: How long did it take to launch your first affiliate product? And did you use your online sales team/community/tribe? Share your experience!


Promote Your Brand with an Online Sales Team

3 Ways for Marketing and Building Trust for Your Brand


A Marketing Confession

Today I want to address some of the key ways in which an online business can network and build an audience packed with nothing but trust for your business. For some it is one of the most challenging parts of having an online business.

I’ve not exactly put much effort in getting out there, until I started this Blog Challenge with the Suitcase Entrepreneur and launched my website. I felt the website was a key component to marketing myself effectively- not that a blog can’t work because it does. But, I wanted to do it right this time.

How Marketing Your Brand Links with Credibility

When your market your online business, you really have to take a step back and determine how you interact with your audience (or if you even engage at all.) Because if you are not responding to your audience or posting relevant content from your blog, referring other articles, posting advice, tips or promotions, they aren’t going to see any reason to keep updated with you.

Here I will use my business as an example to show you a few ways I see Olivia O’Hara Solutions being marketed efficiently to reach my ideal clients and how I’ll plan to build credibility with each of these strategies:

  1. Facebook. I know it’s what everyone else says, but really is the best option to truly target who you want to sell to, work alongside and grow your business with.  So many people are on Facebook, so your success rate is slim to none if you can put some well thought out ads together and engage with your growing audience by offering them great resources and relatable content. Making sure to
  2. Blog Networking. Since starting this blog challenge, I have really loved all the great feedback and response it provides and helping others work toward their dreams for online business. I can only image that everyone else is  pumped up with business inspiration from it as well. So, for me I will be making it a point to comment on relatable posts that help me or the business. And, not with a “Great Post” type of comment, but and actual thoughtful comment that states a why it was beneficial to me, make a suggestion, talk about an experience, etc. type of comment.
  3. Hmm.. Freebies. I think that is a good one because I love to stop by a website and find a really good opt-in or freebie waiting, if I just give them my email. I try to only opt-in if I really like the brand or person being promoted to limit unnecessary clutter in my inbox, but SaneBox really helps me out. When freebies are offered, it allows anyone, who opts-in, to get a glimpse of your content quality and character, which is a another key component to building credibility for your brand.

Tell me what your FREEBIE is on your site in the comments below and then, post a link too access it.

Check out mine: Hiring a Virtual Assistant Checklist

Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Yes, Virtual Assistants Work Smarter By Hiring Teams too.

It’s day 16 of the Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson and I have my 17 month old helper on my lap today for this post!

Though that’ not the help we will cover today in response to the topic! :)

Natalie asks, “How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?”

Work Smarter as a Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant/OBM this is what I help my clients with everyday. Turning the consistent tasks into delegated projects for a VA, which for me ranges from website management to data entry, to work smarter towards their vision of an ideal lifestyle.

When you are a VA or OBM, it can prove challenging to learn the concept of delegation, even though it’s what we teach and do. Maybe it’s because we do it all for others, we automatically think we can handle our own businesses. However, it’s absolutely impossible to hold onto your sanity after a certain point of having a never ending task list, even at the end of the day.

Work Smarter

 How I’ll Work Smarter

So, working smarter and not harder is for me all about delegation to another Virtual Assistant, who I teach my business processes to. It’s really quite a simple concept and having the right tools in place or business processes written out can allow one to fully provide the right services to you on the level you wish to have them provided.

The key is to not let your business get overrun before you hire someone to help you. Read more about When to Hire a Virtual Assistant.


Work smarter not harder with a Virtual Assistant! (Tweetable)

If you’re looking to hire a Virtual Assistant or any other service provider, I encourage you to check into my free How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Checklist. It will help prepare you before hiring someone on your team and point out some of the key pieces to implement before and after hiring a VA.

Yes, Virtual Assistants Work Smarter By Hiring Teams too.